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AMERICA - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Nice to see the Canadian rank pages updated (37)
Looking at the publicity pics of the new service dress uniforms, the CWO of the RCAF still has the full-coloured version of the Royal Arms of Canada on his sleeves but the laurel branches beneath the arms are pearl grey; similarly, the released poster of the new ranks suggests that the laurel wreath around the crown for MWO will be grey although, again, on the jacket sleeve the Crown itself appears to have the correct colours. If the poster is correct then the new shoulder slides, however, show the entirety of each insignia in grey. This doesn't directly address the issue of your question regarding a CFCWO appointed from the RCAF but, based on all of the above, I'd hazard a guess that the appointment insignia for the role will have the Arms in full colour but the wreath of maple leaves around them would most likely be grey. That's if anyone has even bothered to consider that possibility at this point......
Medic_in_Uniform > 20-October-2014 1:25:20

EUROPE - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA General's rank insignia (Russian XVIII century) (2)
Generals had differences from officers before the advent of epaulettes too. For example, generals in Paul's era wore a white plume on hat, and field marshal of the 18th century had a marshal's baton. In this regard, me seem more interesting insignia, indicates a certain generals rank. I have found in various forums mention of image marshal's baton on epaulettes until 1827, but the sources of this information I have not found. About the stars on the epaulettes of military engineers, introduced in 1810 (in 1809 was created Corps of Communication Ways) can be found in Wikipedia: This system insignia reminds me of the Japanese Imperial Army....
Kizhe > 19-October-2014 11:29:19

HYPOTHETICAL RANKS Hypothetical Marshal of the Commonwealth insignia (241)
Hi! Good question... If I'm absolutely honest, I hadn't actually put *that* much thought into the breakdown or allocation by individual rifle regiments when I put that particular set of illustrations together; I guess I was experimenting with how I might use the three standard core variants on the dress uniform cuff designs (the Guards-type round cuff with buttoned flap, the peaked cuff topped with trefoil knot and the gauntlet cuff). Your assumtion regarding the allocation of the different cuffs would certainly have worked but at the very least I'd have wanted change the top row to black cuffs for all ranks (for the RB/95th) and probably reduce the amount of scarlet for all the others except the KRRC. The gauntlet cuffs would definitely work for a Scottish regiment though My original intention was to have something like a merged Rifle Brigade that incorporated all the various rifle regiments then in existence. This was before the days of Commandos and Special Forces but the rifle regiments had always been something of that ilk since their inception; they valued individual initiative, were armed with more advanced weaponry (for their time) and operated as skirmishers ahead of the formed infantry regiments. This may have been lost somewhat in the trenches of France and Belgium in 1914-18 but could have been revived and re-invigorated for a newly mechanised and mobile light infantry corps in the aftermath of the Great War -- and maybe the riflemen could have been the troops to take on that role. For the designs, I started out with the idea of using a broadly standard dress uniform but with unique cuff variants for each constituent regiment. When I looked back at the earlier pictures, however, I decided that there was almost too much scarlet (and definitely too much silver) for many of the traditional rifle uniforms and I'd also ignored a lot of the existing traditional regimental details -- that's why I went back and re-drew them to come up with the updates that I posted above for the RB and the KRRC. I also decided to re-include the full Austrian knot cuff decoration for the officers on the basis that the black lace on dark Rifle green was relatively subtle so a more detailed knot was justified and would help the decoration to stand out. I guess it's inevitable that as I work on all these designs over a period of years (!) that they will become both more subtle and more sophisticated in terms of the details I include. It's a very valid point that I should also look to expand that concept to include the RUR and the Cameronians, and probably the Gurkhas too. I'll have a think about that......
Medic_in_Uniform > 18-October-2014 23:53:18

AMERICA - MILITARY BRANCH & RANK INSIGNIA Royal Canadian Chaplain Service (0)
The CF Chaplain Branch was officially redesignated as the Royal Canadian Chaplain Service today: ...
dcfowler > 16-October-2014 23:11:16